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Re: Woody release - WHAT is current status

On Thu, 30 May 2002 at 07:23:16 +1000 Anthony Towns wrote:

> _nothing's changed_

Sounds like no progress at all, right?!

> There's still nothing particularly interesting for anyone to look at.

But there shoud be. As long as you don't give us ordinary people any information we are stuck somewhere between hope (that Woody might be released tomorrow) and deep concern (that Woody will be more outdated at release time than it already is in some places).

So I think that Adrian's request for some information has still not been answered adequately (or at least *my* interest in informations).

You, aj, are supposed to know a little more. Please, share your wisdom.
If the progress made so far would possibly allow for a release tomorrow, please tell us. If you know that a release in the next couple of days is completely out of question, let us know. (If this information is hidden somewhere in other threads, please, put in a more prominent place, i.e. devel-announce)

Don't make people believe that no progress is made if that is not the case (see above). Remember, all we have is "May 1st didn't work"

Please, don't leave us standing in the dark.

Thank you,

Felix Homann

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