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Re: lightning quick woody+1 release scenarios (was Re: Wishlist for woody+1)

* Joey Hess 

| 2. Go on much as we have before, trying for a whole release with the
|    testing system in place, so we have a better baseline. Plan a freeze in
|    4 months, or 6 months, push that back.. you know what happened with
|    woody, just add trying to get a new installation system to it in place
|    of crypto-in-main or another major woody blocker. Release in 1 to 2.5
|    years. Bah.

About a year, yes, probably.

| 3. Gather a team of 5 to 10 boot-floppies hackers (who are already familiar
|    with it), to maintain boot-floppies as any changes come up. Use a
|    criteria similar to in 1., but we don't care if changes impact the boot
|    floppies.
|    First 2 weeks: Decide what packages get updated.
|    Second 2 weeks: Development.
|    Second month: Testing and any necessary boot-floppies, tasks, etc
|                  changes.
|    Third month: Testing, as 1.
|    Potential problems as 1; 1.b. no longer a problem, 1.c. and 1.d. even more
|    of a potential problem.

I doubt this would work, and we want to get rid of boot-floppies as
soon as possible.  People are getting tired of it.

| 4. Gather a team of 20 to 40 determined people and crank through
|    debian-installer or PGI; get it ready for release. This will take at
|    least a couple of months, during which time the rest goes as in 3.
|    Release after maybe 4 or 5 months.

Do we have the required people?  Are people that interested?  And,
will I be able to coordinate that many people?  I fear that we'll end
up with an anthill and people running all over each other's code.  d-i
is modular, but one still needs to understand how things are put
together, else we'll end up with very strange installation system.

|    Potential problems:
|    a. We can't really estimate how long it would take to finish either 
|       installer enough. Estimates will be wrong.

they will, but hopefully they won't be too far off; I sent you some
off-list which are not-too-optimistic.

|    b. Testing will take longer.
|    c. Documentation updates called for.
|    d. Changes to debian-cd called for.

I have those partly working already.  Testing is obviously needed, and
I need to clean the patches up for submission.

| 5. Ditch stable and "release" testing every week or so.
|    Problems: Far too many to list.


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