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Re: Wishlist for woody+1

On Sat, May 25, 2002 at 04:33:39PM +0200, Erich Schubert wrote:

> Containing:
> - Tags (former Keywords)
> - UTF-8 for debconf templates, changelogs etc.
To these two: make UTF-8 the default encoding and tag the packages
concerning their Unicode-readiness. And another wish, deeply connected
to the one above - international keyboard!!! I guess Linux is the system
(apart from KDE. I don't use it) which really doesn't support us poor
users who have to use both German and Russian keyboard layouts - no
English please :) I do have a custom de_ru keymap for X (console is even
worse in this :((), which works half-way, but it's still a pain in the 
a** as I don't have dead keys available. And imagine, I'd like to also 
have Latvian layout - I'd have to reconstruct diverse files under /etc/X11,
which is not a simple task.  Yes, I do know that it's not a Debian problem, 
but it surely should be addressed in some way.

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