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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

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Does the Hurd *need* /hurd? Technically, no. You need some convenient
place to put those translators; and whether that convenient place is
/hurd, /libexec/something, /lib/modules,
/usr/local/my-translators/cool-ones or /up/your/ass, is really out of the 
question. However, since the Hurd exists quite some time now, I don't
think it's really a bad idea to take whatever current practice is, and
make that the standard.

After all, where those translaters live doesn't even remotely affect a
Linux-, BSD-, Solaris-, or any other UNIX-based system. It only affects
the Hurd. So it *would* be nice if those people that are developing the
only system that's affected by the decision on the place of those
translators, get to choose.

Since there's no concept like 'translators' on a Linux-based system, I
don't think it'll do any harm if there's a '/hurd' directory on an
*other* system. It even makes sense there. If someone, at some point in
the future, decides that Linux needs translators too, *then* /hurd might
have to be reconsidered. Until that time, can we *please* kill these
silly threads? Like, with a nuclear missile or something?


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