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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 12:58, Emile van Bergen wrote:
> On Wed, 22 May 2002, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > I thank you for your opinion on this, but we really have to move on.
> You keep trying to blow a smoke screen around the architectural issue.
> I don't understand why. Remember that *you* want something from Debian,
> (the addition of /hurd), not the other way around. *You* are the one
> under the obligation to answer *why* you *need* a separate /hurd
> directory.

Actually, I wasn't under the impression that he wanted anything from
Debian at this point (other than, perhaps, some peace and quiet :-).

Besides, why do we *need* the paths we have?  As I've pointed out
before, we don't really *need* /proc or /boot any more than the Hurd
people *need* /hurd.  It just might make more sense to have it, and
cause lots of unneeded work to get rid of it (just as it would be a lot
of unneeded work to get rid of /proc or /boot for Debian GNU/Linux).

Why do they need more justification than that?

> But while we're sticking to the FHS' *spirit* of {/,/usr}/bin as a
> gathering place of *all* executables that can be useful to users,
> regardless of primary intended use, regardless of execution environment,
> whether that's as a shell command, in scripts, as a filter (also has its
> execution environment set up in a 'special' way: open filedescriptor is
> passed down), or whatever, I cannot see why translators, which are
> programs that are valid as shell commands but primarily intended to be
> ran by the filesystem on behalf of the user who attaches it to an inode,
> must live outside of /bin.

I can't honestly see why translators can't live in /bin either. 
However, I don't hold my blindness up as a virtue, and demand that
everyone shield their eyes to conform to it.

If the Hurd people think that /hurd would be useful to hold stuff that
doesn't translate well to Unix semantics, that's good enough for me for
now.  Debian GNU/Hurd is still unreleased and in heavy development,
after all.

Perhaps we should allow them to gather their thinking together, write
some solid proposals, and formally submit them before dressing them down
too severely.  Or, if we care so passionately about this issue to not
trust their judgment, perhaps we should all take a few weeks, install
the Hurd, and start learning what we're talking about before
participating in its design.

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