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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

going ---way-- off topic now . ..

On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 03:12:34PM -0500, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 14:37, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> > 
> > reboot, init=/bin/sash passed to the kernel.
> Less useful, as it requires a reboot with a borked init.  (Safe reboots
> are handled by init, remember.)  So, you're talking about adding borked
> filesystems to the borkage of init and su.  "exec login" has none of
> these disadvantages.

from the standpoint that we have, the system it too borked to remain
standing. i also tend to use journalling filesystems (where available).

if there is no journalling filesystem, the sync;sync;sync <killpower> is
usually safe enough.

a system like you described i would not leave standing, even if exec
login worked

> Technically, there are very few "musts" in computers. [[snip]] So,
> it's all about tradeoffs.

i agree

> I suppose I'm just prepared to give the Hurd team the benefit of the
> doubt for now.

as am i

> > i coulda sworn, though that my /bin/login is non-suid . . .
> > 
> > i'll verify _that_ when i get home
> That is, assuming you can log in when you get home. :-)

heheh  but init is owned by root, and that is what spawns getty which
spawns login. i should be okay :)


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