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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

* SpyderMan  writes:
> If there exists a 'GNU/Hurd' other than Debian, why the debate over
> Debian release demands?  If not, why the worry about Debian GNU/Hurd
> becoming incompatible.

Because someone, in this case Marcus, will have to keep two different
versions supported.  I doubt that anyone wants this.  It would be
like having Debian have its own libc that is totally incompatible with
the official one.

> I take it from what you write here that Debian GNU/Hurd is not the
> 'official' version, simply a distro of an official version.  Where is
> this official version?  CVS? alpha.gnu.org?

There is none, nobody said that there was one.  We are hoping the
Debian GNU/Hurd will become the official one.  Debian GNU/Hurd is the
_only_ distribution of the GNU/Hurd system currently though.

Alfred M. Szmidt

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