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Re: Woody / Stable

On Fri, 17 May 2002 10:56:18 -0500
"Brooks R. Robinson" <brooks.robinson@rides.com> wrote:

> | > The problem with "It will be released when it's ready" is that it
> | > can be interpreted as meaning "It'll be released whenever we get
> | > around to finishing it."  It sends a completely different message
> | > than "It'll be released when x, y, and z are done and working."
> |
> | I agree with that, what makes the people more nervous is the fact
> | that there isn't a clear target milestone, nobody (outside) knows
> | what is debian wainting for to be ready. IMO, debian could publish a
> | Target Milestone Page with the state of them.
> <soap box>
> I may be out of line, but I think a point needs to be made.  The first
> article in the Debian Weekly News for May 15th has Woody in Freeze. 
> From what I have gathered from lurking on the -devel list is that it's
> security infrastructure that's holding it up.  Let's think logically
> for just a moment.

Yes, let's do :)

> 1.  Woody is frozen.
> 2.  It is unlikely that any new packages are going in, assumption
> based upon point 1.
> 3.  Security is not in place to handle Woody.
> 4.  A security issue would more than likely be a release critical bug.
> 5.  Security bugs are, in my experience, very quickly remedied.
> 6.  Contrary to point 2, a security/release critical bug fixed package
> would make it's way into Woody quickly.
> 6.  We can ignore point 2 by making use of point 7.

wait, I can't follow this... would point 7 be "We can ignore point 
2 by making use of point 7."? There are a few different possibilities, and
rather than speculate or enumerate, I'd like to ask you to state what you
really wanted :)

> My conclusion is that Woody is effectively released already.  A large
> number of people have been running on Woody for quite some time.  It's
> as stable as it's going to get.  Just do an apt-get dist upgrade and
> get it over with already.

By some of that logic, sid is also released... but I do see your point
when I edit, like this: "from its inception, all of woody has been
available, and nowadays, people are using it. They are reporting few
problems and say things are fairly stable".

However, there's a general difference between being -considered- released
officially (by release mgr and web page, etc) and a particular "snapshot"
being relatively stable:  an officially released distribution doesn't change.
Hence, it's easy to maintain, and easier to offer help.

> </soap box>

meetoo... for now :)


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