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Re: upgrading from hamm to woody

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 06:26:47PM +0200, Radovan Garabik wrote:

> Yesterday I tried to upgrade one computer from hamm to
> woody (don't ask), and I thought it would be interesting to
> share my experience :-)

Well, yes :) Yesterday I upgraded an up-todate Debian 2.2 to Debian 3.0
and... The first operating system installed on that system was some
older Debian, perhaps 2.0 or one before that (1.3?).

> packages (thus simulating apt's work), until one package conflicted with
> sysvinit. A bit of warning: never remove sysvinit package :-)

...then apt-get dist-upgrade wanted to remove sysvinit. I just stared
amazed for a moment but then I decided to press enter. I thought that as
long as I don't boot the system it shouldn't be fatal. Also, I was bit
curious: what would happen?

Unfortunately I did not make exact notes: I needed the system, an
important server, up ASAP. However, I heard from my co-administrator
that she has a similar system so this probably can be studied, if
need be.

The dist-upgrade proceeded until it died with modutils. I wrote

	apt-get install modutils sysvinit util-linux

util-linux is included because it was removed in the dist-upgrade.
The command failed because update-rc.d was missing. I copied it from my 
desktop and rerun the above command.

After two(?) apt-get dist-upgrades the system was up again. However,
some packages (Apache, ipopd) had vanished. After that some minor 
configuration was needed to get Apache running.

Strange. The positive point of view is that this was the very first even 
moderately serious problem with updating Debian though I've used Debian 
on many systems ever since Debian 1.2.

Ari Makela		hauva@arska.org		 http://arska.org/hauva/

"Sailing is, after all, a kind of grace, a kind of magic." - Phil Berman

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