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Re: SPAM mails marking bugs as done?

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net> wrote:
> I would just like to point out how positively hillarious it is that we
> happen to have a bug system which is capible of being terrorised in this
> manner by spammers, who have been harvesting the BTS for emails now the
> past couple of years.  We have yet to even obfuscate the email addresses
> of the patrons of our system, and this is a great dis-service to our
> users IMO, and something that anyone with a perl background has the
> ability to investigate.  In fact, my memory may be failing me, but I
> believe the debbugs package already has a fix for this problem.

Afaict KDE uses debbugs (http://bugs.kde.org/) and they seem to have
at least kind of a solution, they replace every "@" on the WWW-Pages
with " at " and do not disclose full headers.

| Message received at bugs.kde.org:
| From: John Scimone <jscimone at cc.gatech.edu>
| Subject: knode critical bug
| Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 13:15:07 -0500
| Package: Knode
| Version: 0.7.1
| Severity: critical
             cu andreas

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