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Re: pc105 keyboard and X

> I've installed woody on a couple of computers and found that using ALT
> as Meta doesn't work anymore.  I deduced that the problem was using
> pc105 as the kayboard layout instead of pc101.  Does anyone know what
> a pc105 keyboard is?  I'm not finding it in the documentation.

pc105 is the default keyboard at least in germany.
We have one additional key, left to the z key (bottom row, leftmost)
and the other three keys are the windows keys, which aren't on old
keyboards. ;)
I didn't know that selecting 105 keys could break anything...
having defined a few additional keys shouldn't do any harm...

> Additionally, I wonder where this change occured.  Is it a change in
> the questions asked users configuring their X server?  It is a change
> in a default somewhere?

I don't know, but i remember selecting pc105 explicitely during the
xfree86-server package installation.
Have you maybe tried those inofficial xfree 4.2 packages? i uninstalled
them shortly afterwards, because they broke lot's of things (like any
locales for X...) - I can wait from Branden to do them right.

I've read that the xfree guys are re-implementing Xft completely, so i
guess that as soon as xfree 4.3 is released people will scream again for
faster AA fonts...

Erich Schubert

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