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henelly kan saro-wiwa     01 BP 5296      Cotonon Rep
Du Benin         BENIN DU 


It will be a great pleasure to be in contact
withsomeone like you.
frist, let me introduce myself, my name is Prince Dr
henelly sarowiwa Kings. I am 24 years old  from aroyal
family of Kan sarowiwa Kings hence I bear the tittle "
PRINCE" I am single and the only son of my
parents.my father was a royal king of OGONI a
prominent community  in Rivers state Nigeria who was
killed through hanging by the order of late Gen sani
Abacha because of his community inheritance which are 
( crude oil) that the F.G.N has taken possession
We are only two, I and my younger brother, after one
year death of my father, my mother died of High
Bloodpreasure (HBP).
Meanwhile, we inherited some fortune in form of cash
which I will reveal to you when we get your response.
Our old family friends have been very dishonest with
us since the death of our parents, they have duped us
of virtually all cash in the banks with different
stories and reason. As such we decided to cut off
relationship from people around us because we find out
that they have on  motive to squander what is left. We
had to leave Nigeria to stay in Cotonou Rep of  Benin
with the assistance of our family lawyer,  we are here
now for three years and would like to move out
As I was searching my late parents wardrobe I saw my
late father's dairy marked V.I.P and in it I saw your
contact (name and address) and I believed that both of
you has meet some where before their death. we are
interested to enter into strong relation with you as a
family friend and partner. To be frank, we need some
one who is kind and sincere that will assist us. 
We are interested to  invest  and live in your country
therefore, it will be our pleasure if you can be of
help to us by assisting us to handle  the investing 
and planing of our fortune we inherited, to  enable us
build a new home for safekeeping of our lives.
Please let me receive your response urgently.My
kindest compliments.

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