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Re: Don't install lvm2!

Welcome to beta packages.  :)  A fix for this is up at
http://chunk.mp3revolution.net/lvm2 (apt-gettable); They'll be uploaded
tonight.  Feel free to try 'em out and provide feedback before they're

As for the really-bad-shape part; they work for me (tm); I don't have a
system w/ /usr on a separate partition.  I apologize for the bug, but
they happen.

On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 10:08:57PM +0200, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
> Hi!
> I just want to put out a warning since I messed up my system today
> just by installing lvm2. I already filed a bug (#146754) and there is
> a related one (#146257).
> The problem is that /sbin/lvm, which is symlinked to by the varous LVM
> utils is linked against a library in /usr (libdevmapper), which may
> (and is likely to) be on an LVM managed filesystem. Thus one can't
> boot and must either get that library from somewhere else and put it
> in /lib/ or revert to lvm10 somehow.
> I cleaned up the mess by creating tarfiles of the lvm10 and lvm-common
> .debs (excluding the usr/ parts) and untarring those on the system,
> then fixing the symlinks in /sbin/. Then one can boot without failure
> and 'apt-get install lvm10' to get things in shape again.
> Furthermore the LVM init script uses tools not (on every system)
> available in the root FS (at least awk). This is bug #146257.
> So everebody TAKE CARE AND DO _NOT_ INSTALL LVM2!!! This package is in
> a really bad shape and WILL RENDER YOUR SYSTEM UNUSABLE (given /usr is
> on a logical volume, which I guess is a common configuration). For
> recovery intructions see above.
> I hope the maintainer stands up and fixes this soon.
> Regards, Andy
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