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Don't install lvm2!


I just want to put out a warning since I messed up my system today
just by installing lvm2. I already filed a bug (#146754) and there is
a related one (#146257).

The problem is that /sbin/lvm, which is symlinked to by the varous LVM
utils is linked against a library in /usr (libdevmapper), which may
(and is likely to) be on an LVM managed filesystem. Thus one can't
boot and must either get that library from somewhere else and put it
in /lib/ or revert to lvm10 somehow.

I cleaned up the mess by creating tarfiles of the lvm10 and lvm-common
.debs (excluding the usr/ parts) and untarring those on the system,
then fixing the symlinks in /sbin/. Then one can boot without failure
and 'apt-get install lvm10' to get things in shape again.

Furthermore the LVM init script uses tools not (on every system)
available in the root FS (at least awk). This is bug #146257.

So everebody TAKE CARE AND DO _NOT_ INSTALL LVM2!!! This package is in
a really bad shape and WILL RENDER YOUR SYSTEM UNUSABLE (given /usr is
on a logical volume, which I guess is a common configuration). For
recovery intructions see above.

I hope the maintainer stands up and fixes this soon.

Regards, Andy
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