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Re: LILO bugs #146350 and others

On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 05:12, elf@buici.com wrote:
> I've got a fix for the LILO problem.  The author, John, has given me a
> one line fix.  I'm prepared to do an NMU on this, though I've never
> done one.  The part that I'm not sure about is preparing the patch
> file.  Do I do the obvious, prepare two source trees and use 'patch -u
> -r'?

I take you you don't maintain you own packages?

First you have to increment the debian version number by 0.1 (for NMUs,
see Debian policy), eg. 1:22.2-3 would become 1:22.2-3.1.

To do this, use something like "dch -i 'changelog message'", and then
edit the version number in debian/changelog by hand (dch can be found in
the devscripts package.

Then run dpkg-buildpackage to build everything, and upload the result
using debrelease/dupload/whatever to Debian.

Alternatively, if you get really stuck, send me the one line change, and
I will do the NMU, if not today, tomorrow, GMT+10 timezone (note: as I
use grub extensively I will not be able to test anything).
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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