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Re: Editor Priorities

On 08-May-02, 13:34 (CDT), Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> wrote: 
> Previously m@moshez.org wrote:
> > * Edits files in place +40
> Why is this +40 when it only matters in a very small fraction of
> possible editors usages (only crontab afaik)? That sounds like a
> severe penalty.

My original suggestion was +20, so I don't know where the +40 came from.
I'll note that this is probably *the* most common "bug" report against
cron, plus I get non-BTS questions about it, too.

As far as it being crontab only, it shouldn't be. It should be for any
program that creates a file in /tmp, allows the root user to edit it,
and then reads the result. A program that allows inode on that file to
change is just asking for trouble (yes, I suppose there are other ways
to ensure security, but that's the easiest one).


Steve Greenland

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