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Re: Editor Priorities

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 06:08:01PM -0000, m@moshez.org wrote:
> Updated list of criteria, with suggested modifiers.
> This time, I only included important stuff:
> * Edits files in place +40
> * Wraps lines -20
> * Supports undo/redo +20
> * Can complete a whole editing session without reading a manual +30
> * Reads a global RC file +20
> * Built-in on line help +30
> * Search and replace +10
> * Not free -200

Not a bad list. Combine it with my proposal and you get a definition of
newbie-friendly that has:
a. must edit files in-place
b. must not modify existing content (includes line wrapping)
c. can undo (questionable, you could just not save)
d. on-screen help, no manual required
e. must support search-and-replace

the rc file and freeness are irrelevant. So any editor that meets the
criteria above is a tier-1 editor, any visual editor that doesn't is a
tier-2 editor. ed, sed & cat can form tier-3 if people can't live
without them.

Mike Stone

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