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Re: libreadline

* Britton <fsblk@aurora.uaf.edu> [020506 22:34]:
> > Getting the license changed seems pretty unlikely. There's "gnutls"
> > which is an SSL library that's being developed under the GPL, which GPL
> > programs can link to. Unfortunately non-GPL programs can't link to it,
> Has anybody asked them to relicense under LGPL?

According to Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>, this is no option:

* Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org> [010523 10:11]:
> No, we won't change libgcrypt to LGPL.
> I know that the reasoning behind LGPLing the basic GNOME libraries.
> However if someone want's to get the benefit of encryption under
> GNOME he should play fair and GPL his software too.  There are ways
> to work around this but I won't give hints on how to do this.
> Changing everything too LGPL would just help to boost proprietary
> software; given that GNOME is part of GNU I don't think that this is
> a good idea.


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