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Re: checking shared lib sonames, potential mass-filing of bugs.

Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> immo vero scripsit:

> On Sun 05 May 2002, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> > 
> > I've written a crude script to go through Contents-i386.gz file
> > to find some suspiciously looking shared library packages.
> > It does show up some false positives, but 
> > there seem to be real problematic libraries around.
> Can you explain what the problem is?  I don't see the point of this.

These shared library files are potentially misplaced.
It might have been placed there intentionally with 
full understanding by the maintainer, but it is often
the case that the maintainer does not understand how
shared library packging works, or it might have been done
by accident.


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