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Re: ITA: most of my packages

On Sat 04 May 2002, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> And to be honest, I am afraid that some people would pick the most
> popular packages just because of their ego, and then let the packages
> for weeks unmaintained, eg. as cdrtools and aumix maintainers did before
> me.

This isn't really fair; I was the aumix maintainer before you, and it
was pretty well maintained, it was in far better shape than before I
picked it up. You came along with some additional stuff, and I offered
aumix to you quickly, as I was lacking time at that time.

And the last release of aumix has now been almost 2 months ago. Would I
be fair if I said it hasn't been maintained for weeks? There's even a
bug marked fixed by an NMU ?!

Paul Slootman

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