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Re: possible mass-filing of bugs: many shared library packages contain binaries in usr/bin

Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> writes:

> No, the attitude that some Hurd people show annoys me somewhat. So
> far I haven't seen a good argument from anyone for a libexec
> hierarchy except `performance reasons'.

libexec should be separated from lib for the same reason that etc
should be separate from var: it makes good sense to separate different
kinds of files rather than dumping them all in one directory.

> The fact that someone else has something is not a good argument. They
> may just have it for legacy reasons, or might have been misguided. We
> should make that decision ourselves instead of following others.

You think they have it for "legacy reasons"?  You're totally clueless
about this Wichert; I can tell you the damn history so you don't have
to guess, but you seem more interested in guessing.

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