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Re: libreadline

Brian May writes:
> Hello,
> It has come to my attention that a number of packages may be breaching
> the GPL by linking with libreadline instead of libeditline.
> For instance, I asked on debian-legal, and was told that no program may
> link both with libreadline and openssl because the licenses of these two
> packages are incompatible (if you disagree, please bring it up on
> debian-legal, not here).
> However, a number of programs do exactly this. Probably the most popular
> package is python2.1.

- the python binary is not linked against readline and openssl.
- the readline module is linked against libreadline
- the _socket module is linked against libssl

Is one of the following solutions legal:

- Build the standard _socket module without SSL support and add a
  new (well, it was called python-ssl) package which builds the ssl
  module with ssl support and diverts the package.

- Add a hack to the interpreter, so that the readline and _socket
  modules cannot be loaded together.

- Replace readline with editline. Yes this solution is legal, but
  I didn't check yet, if it's doable.

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