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Re: Tracking package progress?

On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 01:21:44PM +1200, Adam Warner wrote:
> Thanks. Unfortunately the information is out of date.

That's because AFAIK there are no more automatic testing runs.

> - base-config (1.33.16 to 1.33.17)
>     * Maintainer: Joey Hess
>     * 4 days old (needed 4 days)
>     * Package is in freeze, doubling delay
> By this info base-config is still version 1.33.16 in testing. Yet it has
> been version 1.33.17 for a number of days.

see above. This information is out of date.

> IIRC I reported the loop with base-config on Wednesday night. The fix
> was in incoming by the morning. Let's say it made sid by Thurday
> afternoon NZ time. That leaves Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
> afternoon before the package can be expected (two days away).

> But I see Michael Banck just wrote "AFAIK nothing is getting into
> testing anymore."

That's my impression. From the current /topic on irc (aj. working
base-config. woody. pick any 2. (joeyh)), it seems that it's
really aj's (the Release Manager) intervention that's needed here.



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