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Re: Tracking package progress?

On Sat, 2002-05-04 at 12:21, JULIEN LEMOINE wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On Saturday 04 May 2002 02:06, Adam Warner wrote:
> > So is there anywhere I can go to see that x hours/days are left before a
> > package will be moved into testing?
> You can find this information here  : 
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/update_excuses.html

Thanks. Unfortunately the information is out of date.

"Generated: 2002.04.29 23:14:27 +0000"

- base-config (1.33.16 to 1.33.17)

    * Maintainer: Joey Hess
    * 4 days old (needed 4 days)
    * Package is in freeze, doubling delay

By this info base-config is still version 1.33.16 in testing. Yet it has
been version 1.33.17 for a number of days.

IIRC I reported the loop with base-config on Wednesday night. The fix
was in incoming by the morning. Let's say it made sid by Thurday
afternoon NZ time. That leaves Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
afternoon before the package can be expected (two days away).

But I see Michael Banck just wrote "AFAIK nothing is getting into
testing anymore."


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