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Re: Building PGI (Progeny Installer) CD images

W liście z pon, 29-04-2002, godz. 23:06, Branden Robinson pisze: 
> On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 03:27:46PM +0200, Grzegorz Prokopski wrote:
> > - If everything is OK I will want to have both installers on those CDs,
> >    maybe:
> >      * boot-floppies (a few flavours) on the first CD
> >      * PGI on the #2 CD
> >   Is it possible to do?
> pgi-build does not have a way to accomplish this.  Raphaël Hertzog has
> told me that debian-cd can do it, but he hasn't told me how.  :)
I hope he can told US now 8) Raphaël ?

> > I saw --with-debian-debootstrap option and I
> >   belive it should be used? Is it tested option? Will it work?
> No, Debian's debootstrap breaks PGI quite badly.  This option is there
> so that Anthony Towns can reproduce the bug, though as far as I know he
> hasn't tried yet.  See Bug #139529.
(Is that the only problem?)
Hm... so you forked your own version a month before release?
The change they made seems... small at least.
How is it that it works for them but not for you?
Can't you workaround it somehow (is it a shell issue?) ?

It seems not-the-debian-way to fork because of 'oneline' change (having
in mind last discuss about apt-i18n package). Please merge! ;-)

> >   If it's not possible with resonable amount of work - I'd like to know
> >   *now*, I'll just skip the idea of having such a great and easy
> >   installer as PGI :-(
> Well, great and easy as it is, PGI is still beta software.  Thanks to
> folks like you who are willing to try it out, it may attain 1.0 sooner.
I am sure much more people would actually try it out if it were included
on semi-official (enchanced ;-) CD images as the 'secondary installer'
just like I want it to be.

I think that having a described way of creating such 'combined, dual 
install' images (or better just 'having' them ;-) would populate the
usage of PGI (even if it is beta ATM) - adventages are clear to both
sides (developers of PGI and users).

> > Am I alone in trying PGI? Is nobody else interested in it? ;-)
> A couple of people on the Debian IRC channel are pretty interested, as
> are a group of PowerPC hackers.  Just this weekend I got PGI starting
> the GUI installer on my iBook without any prompting for X server
> configuration.

That's illustrates the reason why I like PGI so much even if I didn't
manage to give it a test drive yet.

Best regards

					Grzegorz Prokopski

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