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Re: C++ ...

Alan Cox wrote:

You need to ship qt3 linked libraries ... but also includes qt2 libs.
Is important to note that while in the previous generation (QT2 generation), the qt lib was actual qt2, now qt lib will be qt3.

These programs may be recompiled or ported to the new library.

Thats not the issue. The LSB exists so that the program author can write
and compile dynamically to a specific single named library for now and
future versions of the LSB.

When, I speak on standards ... my mind go to OpenGroup and UNIX.

About Graphical Libraries, the UNIX standard is [Open]Motif, that of course includes only ONE library: libXm.a

The same is valid for X11, that haves libX11.a

(X11 has released officially in 1987 with the '11' name, basically X11 R1,
actually we have X11 R6.6, released officially Apr 23, 2001 - XFree instead is independent for X.org)

Recompiling for different variants means it isnt standardised. Recompiling
for each egcs-1.1.2/gcc-2.95/rhgcc-2.96/gcc-3.0.x/gcc-3.1 is also a problem
right now on the C++ side.

Of course.

For the LSB there must be one answer and an answer that will continue to
work for some years.

Of course, I agree with you that like "libXm.a" and "libX11.a" must exist a fixed name (that may represent the
latest library).

In the case of Qt, on RedHat there are NO a "libqt.so", in the same of global library.

From the first versions was released libraries following numbers, in generations:

[root@ftosx1 lib]# pwd
[root@ftosx1 lib]# cd q
qt-1.45 qt2 qt-2.3.1 qt3 qt-3.0.0 qt-3.0.3 [root@ftosx1 lib]#

I am agree with you what must be ONE.

Caldera 2.4 (I don't check the latest) apply this mode.

[root@world lib]# pwd
[root@world lib]# ls -al libqt*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Jan 12 2001 libqt.so -> libqt.so.1.44 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Jan 12 2001 libqt.so.1 -> libqt.so.1.44
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root      2089082 Feb 18  2000 libqt.so.1.44
[root@world lib]#

However is a simple symbolic link and no a standard choice.

SuSE instead apply a version number like RH, if I don't fails. Actually I don't know.

All this works in generations.

Therefore my comments was simply to maintain the normal weather.

If we instead want to push standards, then must be (as you said), one, a libqt ... and standard ... in the same of global and unique without doubles (qt2 or qt3). ... and discarding previous one. This is UNIX.

Basically, the Caldera 2.4 KDE implementation ( I don't check latest Caldera distro).

(Another important comment in the direction to standardize Graphical Libs is the following: After the OpenGroup choose one that is CDE, vendors adopt without problems. This happens also today for Unix 98 Workstation standard.

For example the Unix 98 Workstation standard includes CDE (or equivalent, developed in C)


And these are the UNIX Vendors and its release:


Of course there are one Unix 98 standard - not two.)



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