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Re: ITP: up -- small replacement for the uptime program

* Steve Kowalik (stevenk@debian.org) wrote:
> At  9:18 pm, Saturday, April 27 2002, Stephen Frost mumbled:
> > I agree with this and wonder if the linux kernel was ever actually fixed
> > to not wrap the uptime counter at 497 days anyway.  If not that cute
> > feature of going to decades, at least under linux, might not be used
> > much.
> > 
> I believe that is a hardware limitation. 32-bit counter, or something.

Depends on how you look at it.  Yes, it changes depending on the
hardware, but it's not a real limitation of the hardware itself.  There
has been quite a bit of talk about this on lkml.  If you're interested
you might check out your nearest archive.


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