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ITP: up -- small replacement for the uptime program

* Package name          :       up
* Version               :       0.3
* Upstream Author       :       Davin Cantrell <davin@burdell.org>
* URL                   :       ftp://ftp.burdell.org/pub/up/
* License               :       GNU General Public License
* Description           :       small replacement for the uptime program

 "up replaces the uptime program that comes with most Linux distributions.
 It displays the uptime and not the number of users, current time, or load
 average. It does not stop calculating uptime at days either, it will figure
 out your uptime all the way up to decades. For example, an uptime of 56
 days is shown as 8 weeks."


Florian Weingarten <fw@go.cc>
Registered Linux User #261462

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