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Re: Woody in six days?

On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 10:10:42PM +0200, Grzegorz Prokopski <greg@sente.pl> was heard to say:
> W li?cie z ?ro, 24-04-2002, godz. 23:41, Herbert Xu pisze: 
> > Thomas Hood <jdthood@mail.com> wrote:
> > > With less than a week to go before the proverbial limb comes
> > > crashing down under the weight of our daring RM, I take a
> > > look at the RC bug graph and I see a rather slow exponential
> > > decline in bug numbers.  Unfortunately, an exponential reaches
> > > zero only at infinity.
> > 
> > It's only infinite if you're using non-integral numbers, which we are not.
> My english may not be best but I'll get the risk and ask:
> didn't you mean "integer" (not integral) ?

  integer is a noun, integral is an adjective. (in this context)  See "dict".

	3. (Math.)
	      (a) Of, pertaining to, or being, a whole number or
	          undivided quantity; not fractional.

    (Integral on IRC)

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