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Debian for Software Houses Distribution


I'm interested in creating a set of documentation and tools to software
houses that uses debian (I've posted something about it in the lists). 

So. When I was trying to understand how testing works, I checked out the
testing module from cvs.debian.org, and I didn't found (at least in the
module) any documentation of how it works.

I would like to know if is there somewhere a documentation (I've read
the FAQ already) about the debian internal structure. My plan is to
create a "Debian_for_Software_Houses-HOWTO", and also create a set of
tools like "cvs-autoreleasedeb" (which will be published soon) to make
easier the life of developers that choose debian as it working

Maybe I should create a project Desoh (Debian for Software Houses) like
Demudi (Debian Multimedia Distribution)...

any comment?

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