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Call for testers FireBird 1.0 (InterBase 6.0 compatible)

Hi all!

After a month of waiting in NEW queue [1] I have hope that FireBird [2]
package can be included into unstable this week.
And no, I am NOT going to push in Woody any untested sh*t.
That's why I am writing here.

However there's still a slight chance that FB can be in Woody
(I am not sure if Debian really will be realsed on the 1st May).
But to this to ever can happen I need to be sure that the package
is working for more than 3 people ;-).

Current state and how it looks:
* The package is based on code released as FireBird 1.0. No changes
(other than absolutely needed to fit it into Debian Policy) have
been made. So I don't expect I could really break sth.
* This debianized version passes all the tests from firebird test
suite (not packaged yet) w/o any problems.
* The package works for me (in development env.) and I was also
contacted by Damyan Ivanov <divanov@creditreform.bg> which reports
it works well so far (he is still testing it)
* The package didn't change much since a month. I put a lot of work
in it and it seems to be OK so far. I was only fixing minor packaging 

What I want to do now;
* I belive that FireBird is really great piece of software and it
would be a pity it weren't in Woody (*IF* the deb pacakge is ready)
please report whether it works for you or not. It is equally important
ATM that it *works* and that it doesn't and what problem it has.
Please include brief description of a system you have tested it on and
how extesive the tests were.
* I'll really try to fix any arising problems w/ those packages ASAP.
* If no unfixable showstoppers are found - it MAY be considered for
inclusion into Woody.
* Feature requests/wishes are also welcome.

I am open for any suggestions, no flames plese

Best regards

					Grzegorz Prokopski

[1] There are two sets of packages in NEW.

First created from firebird-server source package - was targeted to
experimental, but it has not been included and I didn't get any
explaination from ftpmasters whether it was ommited, denied or
overlooked (I also mailed ftpmasters@ w/o results).
The first set is sth. that can now be forgotten.

The second set has been uploaded lately. The source package is
called just "firebird" - the set of resulting binaries it the same.
These packages are also availabe from http://debian.sente.pl/
and are the ones that should be tested.

[2] FireBird 1.0 is based on InterBase 6.0 beta code under MPL-like
license. It has been worked on for about 2 years by volounteers and
finally released on 12th March 2002. http://firebird.sourceforge.net/
It is intended to be 100% compatible free replacement for InterBase 6.0.

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