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keyring.d.o not problems?

Hi. Some time back, my key expired. No problem, I update the exp. date, and 
send it off to keyring.d.o.

Well, last week my package upload got rejected because it was signed with an 
expired key. I checked k.d.o, and it had my old (expired) key. My local 
keyring has the correct key, which has not expired.

I sent the key (with 'gpg --send-keys ieure@debian.org') to k.d.o last week, 
but fingering ieure@db.debian.org still shows the old key, and my uploads are 
still rejected.

I know that k.d.o updates aren't instant, but it's been more than a week. Is 
there something wrong with k.d.o, or is there something wrong with me?

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