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Re: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Packages (But Were Afraid to Ask)

On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 07:28:12PM +0100, Rob Bradford wrote:
> Can you please change this to use an email address, i like many other
> people dont use robster@debian.org in my maintainer fields. Either you
> should lookup the email address associated with the username or just let
> people specify their email address.

Actually, it might have to use a bit of integration with things in places
that require DSA intervention, but it would be _real_ nice if these things
were sorted by GnuPG keyid.  I have nine email addresses.  Now I use two
of them only, but still.  Key ID would be a much better way to identify a

Amusingly enough (and totally off topic), the only thing I ever get at my
Debian address is spam and outlook viruses - including in the past few
days one from myself and another from debian-devel@lists.debian.org...
Now I don't know about debian-devel sending out virus mails, but I know
the one I supposedly sent to myself is not really from me because it's not
signed.  And besides, I got mad at myself the other day and decided to
stop talking to me.  ;)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net>            What're you looking at?
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