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Quarteryearly reminder (ftpmaster delaying installation)

Hello everybody,

Now it's three months. I uploaded in January, and the package is still
in queue/new and not included in the archive. Why? I don't know, though
I would like.

I think it is extremely bad style to delay package inclusion by such a
long time-span. I didn't know that Debian maintainers weren't allow to
package what they would deem reasonable, but that there are people
behind the scenes who decide for us.

Is this really the way it is supposed to be? It seems to me that
packages should be installed much quicker. If they can't, because they
have problems, then the respective maintainer should be contacted so
that he knows what is wrong. Or that something _is_ wrong.

Are the people responsible for this overworked? Probably, most of us
are, aren't we. They managed to get 94 packages in between 2 April and
now. But they also left 9 packages in queue/new dated "Feb 21".

What do you think?


|=| Michael Piefel
|=| Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
|=| Tel. (+49 30) 2093 3831

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