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Debian in public schools and offices in Extremadura/Spain

I don't know if this has been pointed out yet, if not, here are a few
links I found (bumped into -  rather) date: April 18/19



"The poorest region of Spain has adopted Linux as the official
operating system of public schools and offices, in hopes of improving
the area's vast technological and economic lag.  The move by the
Autonomous Community of Extremadura , a rural zone that borders
Portugal, will mark the first time a European public school system has
switched to open source, said Luis Millán Vázquez de Miguel, the
community's minister of education, science and technology.

The government has burned 80,000 CDs with the Debian Linux operating
system and software ranging from text editors to an Internet
browser. The disks will be sent to the area's 670 schools and
distributed to the public through newspaper inserts."



in Spanish

At first glance it is not very clear though which modifications they made...

Maybe a suitable NEWS item?


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