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Re: Technical Committee: decision on #119517?


        From reviewing the bug report, Ian Jackson sided with the
 maintainer, with the opinion that not all binaries shipped with a
 package need work when the dependencies are satisfied. Dale Scheetz,
 Jason Gunthorpe, and I disagreed. 

	The suggestion was to either:
 a) split off cardinfo and declare the X libraries in the Depends:
    field, or
 b) keep it in the current package and include the X libraries in the
    Depends: field. 
 c) Create a wrapper for cardinfo that provides information on the
    current set of cards on stdout, and in the presence of a DISPLAY
    variable provides additional, X based functionality,

	I suggest that the quorum of two was met, and that the
 decision of the committee be formalized.

 Most people have two reasons for doing anything -- a good reason, and
 the real reason.
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