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Technical Committee: decision on #119517?

Over six months ago, on 2001-11-14, Bug #119517 was submitted to the
Technical Committee for a ruling.  No member of the Technical Committe
has participated in any public discussion of this bug (at least in the
bug logs or in available messages from the debian-ctte list archives)
since 2001-12-04, and no apparently discussion of any sort since

Does the Technical Committee have any plans to issue any statement on
this issue?  Either an affirmative statement regarding the issue on
point, or a statement that the Committee refuses to countenance the
it?  If the latter, please provide some reasoning as to why, as Section
6.3.6 of the Constitution appears to be applicable:

	Technical Committee makes decisions only as last resort.

	The Technical Committee does not make a technical decision until
	efforts to resolve it via consensus have been tried and failed,
	unless it has been asked to make a decision by the person or
	body who would normally be responsible for it.

Note that the "unless" clause is applicable here, as the package
maintainer explicitly requested a ruling from the Technical Committee.
In fact, both disputants made such a request.

Thanks for your attention.

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