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Re: RFC: Packaging buildd

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Junichi Uekawa wrote:

> > Well, my project goes much further, it is basically a "generic"
> > autobuilder with a plugin for .dsc/.deb (just like APT is a generic
> > package library with plugins for Debian).

> The most lacking part is the problem of source not building.
> buildd needs source that can be built, not some collection
> of source that can or cannot be built.

My idea is to have a web page with current "problems". A problem could be
a package not building, an uninstallable package, etc. The layout will be
much like the BTS, just that the only method to get rid of a "problem" is
to solve it (i.e. there is no "close" command"). Porters can then go
through the list of problems for their arches, write bug reports etc. The
buildds can also try to address problems in their idle time (for example,
ignore the build dependencies and build in an auto-apt environment, or do
an arch-specific rebuild).


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