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Re: Recommending non-free software

Steve Langasek wrote:

> > Of course, I should have mentioned this. LessTif doesn't work for snd,
> > so this compatibility list seems to be wrong or (more probably)
> > outdated.

> > Upstream doesn't support lesstif anymore.

> This has been mentioned before; however, the goal of the Lesstif project 
> is to provide complete compatibility -- ABI and API -- with the Motif 
> libraries.  The only reason snd would not be compatible with Lesstif
> (regardless of whether it's supported by upstream) would be a bug in 
> Lesstif; and overall, the number of bugs in Lesstif is going down, not 
> up.  When was the last time you tried to compile snd with Lesstif?

Today. It didn't work. Maybe it will work one day, but now it doesn't.
And it doesn't make sense if I compile the program with lesstif, as long
as upstream doesn't want to support it, because if people file bug
reports against snd in debian, and I forward it to him, he'll most
probably not want to deal with them - because it simply is not
recommended to compile snd with lesstif.

Until snd works reasonably with lesstif, or gtk+, I think it would be
good to tell the users, that the motif version is the version that
upstream prefers.

regards, Stefan
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