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Re: Why XFree86 4.2 Isn't in Woody

Dear Branden,

in the spirit of a recent email reminding us of this: Thank you.

i am myself a recipient of a lot of "hate mail" and questions on why
woody "sucks" simply because i've converted a *very large* number of
people to debian. thanks you for writing to slashdot and for the email
you just posted, maybe it will make people realize what they are
dealing with. P4 / GeForce people (what a wonderful stereotype)
generally don't even know what debian is and are very surprised to
hear me say that debian's not linux at all, linux is merely the most
popular form of debian.

i am rambling, but i guess i have a point. cutting-edge or not, we
should all realize that debian's more than just another distro. for
me, it's a lifesaver. we should accept that our goal is debian, not
competing with the other distros. let them redhat and suse folks worry
about the rich-daddy-kids with their machines too fast for their brains
and graphics cards that can render about 2^22 more colours than the
human eye can distinguish. and most important of all, let us
concentrate on our distro and simply not care too much on what others
bitch. after all, part of debian's charm is that we -devels are all in
love with it ;^>.

anyway, i better stop, it's way too late, and i am just writing as
i think. but this is to all of us: KEEP IT UP, THANK YOU!


martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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"men always want to be a woman's first love.
 women have a more subtle instinct:
 what they like is to be a man's last romance."
                                                        -- oscar wilde

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