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Re: Why XFree86 4.2 Isn't in Woody

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:
    Ben> What the fuck is going on! When in this insane world did
    Ben> Branden become the polite well mannered one, and I become the
    Ben> asshole!

That's ok.  If Branden is going to be polite someone has to assume his
former flame-from-the-hip persona.  Seeing as you're (alomost) no
longer DPL, we have to give you a job somewhere. :)


"What would be the purpose of 'freezing' the bible?" - Fabrizio
Polacco "Because that way it is more effective as a tool for smacking
the heathen over the head." - G. Branden Robinson in

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