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Re: Faster Release Cycle = More Up to date Packages...

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 11:13:49PM +0200, Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> Thank you Joey for being so obliging to a constructive proposal, and 
> thank you for your polite way of replying to my proposal.
> Do you think you could put your 6 year old attitude aside for a few 
> moments and take this as a contructive proposal as other normal 
> grownups would do?

[ bla bla bla ]
> > Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> > > Debian's current problem with old packages can be seen by the
> > > fact that a number of vendors have reportedly dumped the current
> > > Stable release in favor of the Testing distribution some time
> > > ago. That can only mean that currentness of content has become
> > > more important than bugs, security and stability.
> > > It means that Debian is not in balance with currentness of
> > > contents. Debian can not continue down that path without
> > > compromising Debians own policy of supporting its users.
> >
> > So someone was more interesed in currency than in stability, and
> > they swiched from the debian tree that emphases the later to the
> > tree that emphasises the former. And what was the problem again?

Who wrote this part?  You've stripped the proper attributions.  I have
no idea who "Joey" is (there are at least 2 DDs who it could be).

It's impossible to carry on a discussion if you can't follow basic
email etiquette.  [ hint:  if you are complaining about a flame, using
a flame to do it is probably not the best solution ]

Finally, please do go read the archives.  The "we need to fix the
release mechanism and here's my s00per-d00per method to do it" thread
arrives here every few weeks.  It';s hard to believe anyone has
anything new to say at this point.

[ snip ]


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