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Re: Faster Release Cycle = More Up to date Packages...

Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> Do you think you could put your 6 year old attitude aside for a few 
> moments and take this as a contructive proposal as other normal 
> grownups would do?

Having discussed all this before in my 6 year old tenure with Debian,
no, I really don't have time to rehash it all again with someone who has
not done basic research and who descends to implausable personal attacks
on my birthday.

Making up claims out of whole cloth as you do here is a good way to find
yourself ignored, by me anyway --

> Today, when the new Testing opens for contributions from Unstable 
> (after 3.0 is released) there will be about 6 months worth of 
> packages waiting in Unstable that will "dump" into Testing from 
> Unstable right away.


Or perhaps there is some large set of packages in that list that I'm
missing that will magically fall through into testing on May second.

see shy jo

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