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Re: Faster Release Cycle = More Up to date Packages...

Good day Torsten,

thank you for your kind answer.

> > The main proposal is to introduce a fixed short Testing
> > development period into the development cycle like this:
> >
> > 1. Feed Unstable packages to Testing for a fixed short period of
> > time. 2. Freeze, bugfix, release.
> > Repeat.
> This was the whole idea of testing. Experience shows it does not
> work. Please try again - but please wait with discussing it until
> after May 1st so we can finally get the fucking release done.

I never found information proving that that scheme was atually 
implemented into the release procedures.

Do you know some place where it says something like:

"3 months after a release, Testing must freeze."

I am not a developer, and I am not suited for code development.
But I would like to spend untill 1St of May collecting additional 
information about the release procedures.

best regards
Johnny Ernst Nielsen :o)

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