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Re: Please test this woody cd image

Hi Matt,

Le Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 10:45:35AM -0400, Matt Zimmerman écrivait:
> > release is coming soon ... and we need a bit of feedback about
> > a new feature we plan to use on CD1 of Debian woody for i386.
> On CD *1*?  Surely you don't plan to introduce new features in such a core
> component mere weeks before the scheduled release?  There is no way that it
> could receive sufficient testing in that time.  If we must have a new
> experimental boot feature, it should go on one of the other CDs in the set.

I usually appreciate your enlightened comments, but here they are
not useful at all. This decision has been taken in coordination with
Anthony (yes he was reluctant but it's not like I completely ignored
what he said ...) and you're speaking of things that you don't know
since you haven't followed the complete discussion on debian-cd.

Please trust the debian-cd team and spend your time more wisely ...

> (that said, I see no problem with making the first CD contain fewer packages
> so that it can fit on a 5cm CD; that sounds useful indeed)

This won't happen for the final official images, it's just to ease the
test of the new booting scheme (which is already successfully used by
other distributions).

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