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Re: The GNU FDL is a free license! (Was: Re: O: gnu-standards --GNU coding standards)

Joe Wreschnig <piman@sacredchao.net> wrote:

> What is a document, and what is a program? How can Debian even begin
> to distinguish what makes free documentation different from free
> software when we can't distinguish whether a particular piece of
> data is software or documentation in the first place?

Yes -- this is the heart of the issue right here.

And I say that it doesn't matter -- whether a work is what you call
'software' or 'documentation,' both, or something else entirely is
besides the point.

The point is that people need freedom to control their environment, to
copy and modify, study and sample from the patterns of ones and zeroes
of the published machine-readable works that make up the environment
in which they live and communicate. And that it is not to me the free
software movement anymore -- it is the free information movement.

The issue for Debian now is to decide which way it will go -- is it
that "software wants to be free," or "information wants to be free"?

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