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Re: Release cycle information?...

Hi Johnny!

You wrote:

> I am researching the Debian release cycle.
> Where can I find information about how long time there should be 
> between a Stable release and the next Testing freeze?
> I have searched the Debian web site and the mailings lists, but I 
> have not found any such information.

The reason you can't find anything is probably that there isn't any
policy about this. Debian releases a new version when it's ready.
There's currently no release schedule with fixed dates.

You could probably find a lot of info (and flames) on this issue in the
archive of the debian-devel mailing list at http://lists.debian.org.

BTW: the debian-policy mailing list is meant for discussions about new
     debian policy. Your question is probably more on topic on the
     debian-devel mailing list.

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