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Re: sid: libc6-2.2.5-4 kills vmware workstation 3.0

Well, I didn't expect to inspire such a vibrant thread!  A couple
of responses (not in anger, just adding some perspective).

1) free vs. non-free alternatives

I use VMWare 2.0.  If you think that bochs and Plex86 aren't
viable alternatives yet, you can imagine the state of the world
(2 years ago today) when I bought my license.  At that time
VMWare was being praised for bringing Linux into places where it
never before existed.

I have since felt slightly cajoled by the company to buy upgrades
that I didn't feel that I needed, and I resisted.  I am content
with what I have, and satisfied to wait until a free alternative
becomes viable.  When I can start Plex86, drop in a Windows NT
install disk (or any other OS for that matter) and install a
system from scratch, I will be pleased to do it.  I am in the end
a free software zealot.

2) posting to ddevel

I posted to ddevel for a few reason (perhaps in error, and I'm
willing to concede that).

 - I read the list, and I have for a long time (so I don't
   actually need to be Cc:ed).

 - I was continuing a previous thread.  The level seemed to
   be of a technical nature and relevant to the list.

My question wasn't really of the "user" variety (how do I
configure a fire wall, how do ... in dselect, etc.).

That's it really, I'd much rather see Woody finished than have
this thread continue very much longer.

BTW, the fix was right on and I have passed it on to two
colleagues who are also Debian users.  I do appreciate the help

Dr. Don Bindner <dbindner@truman.edu>
Truman State University

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