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Re: creating package.substvars

Shaun Jackman <sjackman@shaw.ca> cum veritate scripsit:

> I'm packaging a library that includes three separate binary packages.
> 1) the shared library (libnjb0)
> 2) the dev library (libnjb-dev)
> 3) sample code (libnjb-samples)
> I would like debhelper to create three separate package.substvars files, but 
> it's only creating the one substvars. I've read all the documentation I can 
> get my hands, but I can't seem to make it behave the way I want. So, two 
> questions: Is what I want the correct way of doing it? How do I make 
> debhelper do it?

1. this question belongs in -mentors
2. the dev library probably won't need the substvars, if it doesn't have
   any binary, or shared library inside it.
3. Looking at your question, it is most likely that you've got 
   more things wrong in the first go. Please read 
   if it helps you at all.


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