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Re: on potato's proftpd

also sprach Andrew Pimlott <andrew@pimlott.net> [2002.04.03.1754 +0200]:
> There are several good reasons:
>   - If a band-aid fix is allowed, there is less incentive to find
>     the correct fix.

true. doesn't mean that we have to fall into that hole.

>   - If the problem isn't understood, there is a good chance that the
>     band-aid doesn't really fix the problem, and a fair chance that
>     it creates new problems.  If there are related problems (eg,
>     similar bugs in different programs), they may go undiscovered.

this problem is understood by the developers of proftpd, and their
suggestion (if an upgrade to a newer version isn't an option -- which
applies to potato) is this temporary fix.

then look at the fix and ask yourself how this "band-aid" could cause
other problems, keeping the FTP protocol in mind.

>   - Users would have to upgrade again when the permanent fix is
>     released.  People running production systems like to minimize
>     changes, so this could make them unhappy.

i also administer production systems, and while i just as well possess
a certain inertia with respect to upgrading the packages their,
i always try to get "security" updates tested and distributed as soon
as possible...

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